In the event you have purchased a property and the time limit to finish the property has expired it is very important to denounce the delay and it has to be done by a burofax (formal letter that has to be sent through the post office).

In this letter you have to ask about the reasons for the delay explaining them that you are not happy with this situation and you that you want a proper solution.

If you want to terminate a contract because of the delay the courts have established that a delay of more than 6 months is sufficient to terminate but your lawyer has to analuze if the reason for the delay is severe enough.

You then decide if you want to complete with an economic compensation or if you want to terminate the contract claiming the refund of your deposit, plus legal interests.

Depending on the case you can claim a compensation for ethical damages and a compensation for the difference in value of a similar property in same location.

The time frame to obtain a sentence ( ruling, veredict…) from the Court is from 8 months to 14 months depending on the Court. The costs are mainly the solicitors fee and the procurator (barrister) fee.

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