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August 11, 2008

In case you have purchase a property and the time limit to finish the property expired it is very important to denounce the delay and it has to be done by a burofax ( formal letter that has to be sent through the post office).

In this letter you have to ask about the reasons of th delay explaining them that you are not happy with this situation and you want a proper solution.

If you want to revoke a contract because of the delay the courts are stablishing that a delay of more than 6 months is enough to do it but you have to know the reasons of the delay because if it is for acts of god as strong rains…etc it has to be analized by your Lawyer.

You may decide if you want to complete with an economic compensation or if you want to revoke the contract asking your deposit back plus legal interests.

Depending on the case you can ask as well ethic damages and a compensation for the different value of a similar property in same location.

The time frame to obtain a sentence ( ruling, veredict…) from the Court is from 8 months to 14 months) depending on the Court and the costs will be mainly the solicitors fees, the procurator ( barrister) fees.

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